10 Ways to get more beautiful skin in 2010

Every year we become more aware of the products we use on our skin that is why going natural or naturally based is the way to go this year. The average person puts over 500 different chemicals on their skin a day. Here are the top ten ways of getting healthier more beautiful skin this year.

1). Look for natural ingredients. Things found in natural are better for you skin than the chemicals designed in labs, they are gentler and have far less side effects. For example green tea is high in antioxidants helps with sun burns and helps protect your skin against free radicals. Omega oil such as fish oil or emu oil is another great natural skin care re-builder it can help you get younger looking skin without any harsh side effects.

2). Lifestyle is the key. Diet is the number one cog in your skin care regimen if you have a high fatty diet you are more likely to have oily skin or saggy skin. A more natural low fat diet will help your skin look younger and keep its elasticity.

3). Exercise is great for skin; it helps naturally unclog pores and keeps your skin breathing and healthy.

4). Finding naturally based products is very important. Putting harsh chemicals on your skin can take years off of your skins life making it age faster.

5). To be healthy you have to start on the inside once you are healthy on the inside it will reflect in your skin tone and clarity. Stay away from excessive tanning and smoking these can both speed up the aging process drastically.

6). Look for natural botanical extracts, things like lemon grass and ginseng can help clear up skin and make it healthier. There are thousands of extracts to choose from so do your homework. They are usually cheaper than creams and lotions anyway.

7). The products with the least amount of ingredients are usually the best, all of the added chemical can do anything from dry your skin out to cause acne or irritation.

8). Herbs are totally natural and carry many healing or strengthening properties. For example basil can help tighten skin and fight wrinkles.

9). Outdoorsman listen up, if you are going to subject your body to nature you have to take special precautions to protect against things link sunburn, irritated skin and bug bites. Things like mango scented lotions naturally keep mosquitoes away, always wear at least SPF 30 sunscreen (all natural of coarse), and carry emu oil with you to help with skin irritations.

10). Ladies go easy on the makeup; if you insist on wearing it go natural with mineral makeup. It is better for you than other kinds of makeup and washes off cleanly without clogging your pores.

Let 2010 be your year for change, get your skin cleaned up, your body will thank you.

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