Spider Veins and Hormone Changes

Although there is a certain incidence in men after a certain age, women have to add the possibility of spider veins to the list of changes endured as hormone levels rise and fall.

Although symptoms can occur in women at just about any age, it is when their hormones are at peak that spider veins begin to appear most often. This usually is found after child birth and the onset of menopause. Being aware that the possibility of protruding or visible broken capillaires exist is a good way to be ready for their appearance and eventual elimination.

Changes after child birth and pregnancy

Little needs to be said about the major changes that have occurred to a woman after going through child birth. Hormones have gone rampant and are now starting to get somewhat back toward normal levels -past those that are obviously needed.

Unfortunately, some of the hormonal changes that have occurred have affected the blood veins at the outer reaches of the skin layer. These vessels have become weakened by the process and less able to cope with elevated blood flows to affected areas.

Addressing these issues during birth (as well as after) will help to mitigate any spider vein issues. If the spider veins are deeper in nature scaring can occur. This means that dealing with them sooner rather than later is a wise idea. Using a proven spider vein cream, as soon as recommended by your doctor, could be your best course of action to mitigate the spider veins.

Add it to the list

As if there weren’t enough issues facing a woman going through menopause, spider veins are one more. As women get toward their menopause years spider veins do become more prevalent. The association with menopause is more related to the age classification but it does tend to bare itself out.

Age; in addition to the hormones of menopause tend to add up to a double whammy of sorts when it comes to treating spider veins in legs. Age has begun to see the deterioration of blood vein walls and the lessening of skin plasticity. Put the two together and spider veins are ready to form.

Keep on moving

One of the better ideas in each of these situations is to keep the blood moving. One potential side effect of spider veins is a heavy feeling leg. Don’t let the blood stop so smaller veins get the chance to weaken. Keep them in top form –with doctor’s consent-, ready to accept higher blood flows at higher pressures.

Use all the arrows in your quiver; life-style, creams and doctor suggested vitamins/replacements and you can win the fight against spider veins.

Adding Services for Increased Spa Traffic

Increasing revenue and traffic for spas and MedSpas can be done several ways. One, open new locations, increase marketing efforts, or adding new services or products.

For many spas, opening new stores or locations may be part of a long-range growth plan, yet may not be suitable while operating in a down economy when spa treatments are viewed as either a luxury or discretionary.

Marketing efforts can be categorized as advertising or direct sales. Advertising can come in many forms. Direct mail, email campaigns, joint marketin efforts with related products or services, TV or radio. Many spas I have seen are flying banners outside their locations (local laws permitting), putting up billboards, and putting advertisements or discount inserts in papers, local news, press releases, or handing out discount or “specials” to customers and guests coming through the spa.

Increasing marketing efforts or expanding services is your best ROI when the economy has slowed. Massage Therapy, Botox or anti-wrinkle procedures, facials, and vein therapy can be supplemented with several ideas.

Another opportunity is making available additional services or products inside the store.

Selling in-expensive consumable products can help boost sales, improve traffic, and get consumers coming back. Spider vein creams can be excellent ancillary products following sclerotherapy or laser therapy. For pregnant women or those who have had children, a preventive or repairing stretch mark cream can help aid recovery and prevent scarring. And while injections can help smooth wrinkles and puff lips, anti wrinkle creams and serums help neck wrinkles, crow’s feet, and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes.

These products are designed to supplement and enhance procedures and improve weekly or monthly revenue. Choosing products that are expensive with luxurious packaging and “rock star” name brands may work against you. While they may certainly enhance the image of your spa (and to many that is important), high-priced skin care products have been shown to be great initial purchases, but lack the consumable “punch” needed for return purchases.