Spider Veins Nose Causes and Treatments

Spider veins are small dilated blood vessels, their scientific name is telangiectasias. These are the spider veins commonly found on or around the face, but can also appear on the neck area. They can occur naturally or because of some event like rosacea, or a traumatic experience. You will notice the veins they appear as tiny red lines around the nose or face region. There are many causes for spider vein nose telangiectasias.

Along with the rosacea there can sometimes be tiny bumps that look like pimples, these bumps are related directly to the rosacea and are not zits. They can appear after sun, spicy food or adult beverage exposure, usually within just a few hours. The sun plays a huge role in spider veins occurring on the nose and face.

The sun is good for skin in small doses but can be lethal in large quantities, it can cause harm in just a few hours. Sun damage can cause nose veins, loose skin, blemishes and lead to cancer. Major trauma can also cause spider veins such as any king of hard blunt force trauma. Nose veins are not a serious medical conditioner but they are noticeable and embarrassing, good thing they can be easily treated.

They can be treated in many different ways such as by lasering, injections and creams. All of these ways are effective and have there good and bad qualities, so do research before making your final choice. Lasers clot the leaky area and stop the extra blood flow, but on the nose it is dangerous because the skin is thin in that area.

If used incorrectly it will feel like you have a major sun burn on your nose which is no fun. Another form of treatment is salt water injections. These injections use salt water to flush out the problem area and stop the blood flow, one down side in that injections on your nose are very painful and traumatic.

The easiest way to treat the veins is by using a spider vein cream. The cream should contain vitamin k and phytotinine. These active ingredients will help clot the blood flow, strengthen your vein wall and help your body absorb the excess blood. The creams do take longer to work but are much cheaper and pain free.

Getting rid of the nose veins will help you look and feel better instantly. Once they are gone avoid sun on your nose if possible to keep them from coming back.

Stretch Marks on Arms From Working Out

One of the negative side effects of working out are stretch marks on your arms and chest. These marks occur when Stretch Marks on Armsyour muscles are expanding but your skin cannot keep up it’s elastic properties. This happen to most men that work out more than two times a week. Stretch marks on arms or on your chest are embarrassing but are totally treatable.

It’s one thing to burn fat and get trim, but it is another to have dark purple marks to deal with after you get in shape. The stretch marks usually occur around the chest and shoulder area. The stretch marks are caused when the collagen bonds in your skin cannot not be replicated fast enough to keep up with your bodies growth.

The marks are actually microscopic rips in the fabric of your skin, the rips allow the skin more skin to stretch ie stretch mark. It is not easy to prevent them because you are getting them through muscle gain. Vitamin B, E and C will help keep the skin healthy so will drinking plenty of water.

Chances are you will get stretch marks if you work out often so here is how you can help get rid of them once and for all. Make sure you eat a low fat diet with plenty of color. Your plate should have at least 6 different colors on it. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat is fine to eat, but for better results be sure to trim off all the extra fat.

Try to gain weight in intervals instead of beefing up all at once. This will allow your skin to slowly stretch and reduce the chance of stretch marks. Hydration is the key when it comes to stretch marks so find a stretch mark cream to apply on the stretch marks multiple times a day to help them go away.

The cream should contain Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These ingredients are what helps get rid of the broken collagen bond and allow your body to produce new ones which in time will fade the stretch marks completely. If you do have some stubborn ones always remember you can cover them up until they heal.

Anti Aging Skin Products for Men

No matter how you shake it men need and use anti aging skin care products too. With technology advancing at such a rapid rate it is no wonder that these products are so popular. Men and women age alike but there are small difference in each gender that need treated specifically, that is where anti aging skin products come into play.

Both genders suffer from crows feet, skin blemishes and loose skin, which can be treated with the right regiment of products. Women buy the majority of skin care products but men are quickly gaining on them. For men it is not the flashy packing or catch line that gets their attention it is one simple thing, if the product works.

When men find a product that just simply works, they will use it no questions asked. It is that simple and straight forward. Men use what works hands down it has to be functional. Men do care about the way the look they just don’t make quite as big a deal as some women do.

Time is hard on the collagen bonds in the skin causing sagging and wrinkles. Both genders lose their elasticity at the same pace but men show it in different areas of their body. Because there are so many good products out there men can easily find something to help them age slower and keep their firmed appearance.

Now their are companies devoting their entire product line to men’s care products. These products are made specifically for men to help reduce signs of aging, they even can help with premature aging as well. Men want products that work but don’t smell like a flower garden.

Anti Aging Skin Products for MenSomething that does its job but doesn’t leave their skin oily. Once the levels of collagen balance out in a guy his skin will start to look younger and feel better. His complexion will clear up as well. So men look no further you are surrounded by great products that will help you look and feel better.

A smart man will know that certain products can help him more than others. Daily use products can shave years off your appearance just by hydrating and evening out skin tone. With products that range from shaving creams to anti aging serums find a product that looks and makes you feel younger, you won’t regret it.