Neck Exercises for Flexibility and Toning

For those of us getting a bit older, colder weather does a couple of things. One, anything on our bodies that is sore orNeck Exercise for Flexibility and Tone stiff seems to get worse…back pain, sore joints and muscles, and a stiff or sore neck.  The second is the increase in wrinkles.

Dry, cold weather dries-out tissue, increases the visibility of neck wrinkles and puts sagging skin under the microscope for all to see.

The biggest problem most of our customers have is the dual requirement of getting added flexibility and range of motion on of the neck and simultaneously reducing neck wrinkles, sagging tissue under the neck, and the dreaded double chin.

A daily regimen of stretching and a little bit of resistance exercise can strengthen neck muscles and add tone.  They are simple to do, can be done at your desk at work or home (though may look a little weird!?), and with consistent exercise for a month or so, can substantially improve your look and feel.

Here are some exercises that will improve your range of motion and reduce dry, wrinkling skin under the chin.  Read more…

Neck flexion and extension exercises can significantly strengthen and increase range of motion of neck muscles and veterbrate structure

How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

A lot of people think that as long as you take care of your figure and do not become overweight that they will avoid the double chin; that belief is false. There are many things that can cause a person to get a double chin and although a weight problem is one of them, there is also the possibility of getting it due to genetics. Another myth that you should discard is that a double chin will go away the moment that you lose the excess weight. That is also false.  Here are several things to consider for how to get rid of a double chin.

Skin Care Products

Dermanecx Neck Firming Cream

Dermanecx Neck Cream

Because a double chin is a very common problem you will find that a lot of products promise help in getting rid of it. The problem is that there has yet been a product that has been clinically proven to get rid of problems in the area. Some of the creams for the neck, chin and chest do show progress according to the users, so the skin care products should not be thought of as a false promise. Read over these neck cream reviews to get a better understanding what each product does and it’s effectiveness.

Tightening wrinkles on the neck and reducing the double chin is possible via the use of products, but the change will not necessarily be as big as you may expect. Your satisfaction with the results may depend on how much of a double chin you have. In prevent, these products are often at their best. Other products, such as special wraps, you have to wear for long periods of time so they can become uncomfortable to the person wearing them.

Weight Control

As stated before, losing weight is not a guarantee that the double chin will disappear but it is a great start and in most cases beneficial overall. It depends on the reason you have the double chin. If the problem is genetics you may find that even when your body reaches the optimal shape, the difference will be minimal. There is also the possibility of hanging skin if the weight loss is too fast. The good news is that you can take care of hanging skin by having a tuck. You should talk to your dermatologist for any options that you may have if after exercising you still have the double chin. There are some exercises that you could do to tighten the area or you could opt for a surgical procedure that could help you get rid of the double chin altogether.


Exercises are effective provided that two things are true; the first thing is that you are consistent with the exercises. The exercises have to be done at the recommended schedule every day or they will not work. The second thing that has to be true is that the double chin has to be caused by fat muscles and not by genetics. The exercises will usually involve the constant lifting of the skin from the chest area. You will also need to close and open your mouth at the right time as to pull the skin to get rid of the double chin. A double chin is a common problem, but it is not one that you have to live with.