New Products for Dry Skin recently announced a new group of products for dry skin…just in time for windy, cold winter weather!

The Dry Skin and Face Kit contains three of their best-selling products for addressing severe dryness of face and body tissue.  This particularly helpful to those of use who experience flaking, dryness, and severly dry skin when the temperatures and humidity drop.

The Dry Skin and Face Kit consists of three products:

  • Dry Skin Face Mask
  • Dry Skin Toner
  • Dry Skin and Face Mask

I recently tried the kit on our annual family ski trip.  Being from the south, there is something about being in the mountains that dries-out my skin – severly.  Maybe because I’m getting older or because of the altitude and low humidity, but either way, my hands and face go into a bout of severe dryness making may hands (especially) look like they have been immersed in powder – and they are sore too.

I tried the new kit for week and was very satisfied.  I used the dry skin wash daily – not just on my face, but in the shower as a body wash.  It worked very well…but like many washes and soaps, it’s designed to clean…so, there was some drying but not as much as I had.

The dry skin toner works very well.  I had a few blemishes and they were knocked out quickly, and the non-alcohol formula was pretty gentle.

The dry skin face mask was probably the product I liked the best, but its impractiacle to use on a daily basis.  The company,, recommends weekly use.  I agree.  I used it on my face and hands.  I can tell you it works great.  It felt like I had a moisturizer applied after I washed it off, but no greasy or oily feeling.

Personally and professionally, I would recommend these products for those with medium-to-severe dry skin. The wash and mask, especially, would be very effective and useful for those folks over 50 – when skin begins to dry and thin.  All the products are rich in nutrients and minerals, and the mask has anti-oxidant properties as well.  For normal or daily use, I’d take a look at their moisturizers.  They come in a number of varieties from focus on deep moisturizing to antioxidant protection to anti-aging, to firming lotions that tighten skin and remove wrinkles.

The price on the kit (at this writing) is about $40 – and I know it is currently on sale as a promotion.  This compares favorably to other products we have reviewed – in fact, it is less than many of the moisturizers we have tested.  But this is not uncommon for SkinEnergizer®.  They are both a distributor of name brand products, but they also manufacture many of the products themselves – selling them at wholesale and discount pricing – you know, “direct from the manufacturer”.

All-in-all, I think there new products for dry skin are great skin care for cold, wind, low humidity weather and for those with severly dry skin.  Used with a daily moisturizer or moisturizing complexion cream, this may be the best new solution for drying, flaking, and cracking.