Dermory ST Breast Cream – Review

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Truth be told, Dermory ST isn’t a one of a kind product, but that’s okay. Considering that the market is already dense with products ranging from mediocre to outright ineffective, all it needs to do to stand out is become a skin rejuvenator that ranks among the best skincare creams available, or at least actually work.

Dermory ST Breast Cream

Right from the outset, Dermory ST has a lot going for it marketing- and promotion-wise. That’s because it’s a brand that specifically caters to improving and firming female breasts via the topical solution method. It has become well known for targeting its’ niche – specifically firming vs. claims of many competitors of “enlargement”.

Not to use a play on words, but “enlargement” is pretty tall task. However, “firming” is achievable with the right ingredients, and that is where Dermory ST has found its home – and effectiveness.

In a world where incredibly effective breast augmentation procedures exist (breast implants and “jobs”) and creams are more often than not as effective as cheap supermarket lotions in achieving what they promise, Dermory ST shouldn’t even stand a chance. Well, against surgical breast improvement procedures, it doesn’t; but for effective firming and mositurization, it does.

However, it isn’t a cheap skin moisturizer that happens to have a “breast firmer” sticker attached to it either. Buy the product and feel its effectiveness for yourself. It has been formulated with several specific ingredients we feel get the job done…

  • BioBustyl – This ingredient was specifically researched to firm and tighten bust tissue. Much of the sagging following weight loss, nursing, or pregnancy comes from sagging caused by loss skin on or around the breasts. BioBustyl firms tissue and gives the appearance of enlargement by helping restore natural shape and “perkiness”. Similar to anti-wrinkle ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, BioBustyl adds shapeliness while resisting wrinkling and sagging.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Another of our favorite ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid restores and helps retain moisture in the skin cells membranes. While this may not seem like a big deal, lost moisture creates dryness, shrinkage, flaking and accelerated aging – adding to the “sagging” and drooping breasts. Skin feels softer and firmer – just what we;re looking for.
  • Antioxidants – Free-radical damage promotes sag. Antioxidants such as green tea help protect cell membranes and in some cases may help repair damage tissue, making skin look and feel younger – again, more of what we’re looking for in a breast cream.

Admittedly it takes a while before you can begin to see the difference in your breasts’ shape and texture, but like a steady weight loss regimen or constant exercising, patience and devotion are indeed the virtues you need in order to optimize Dermory ST’s performance. To be able to attain youthful, teenager-like firmness and fullness to your breasts, you need to follow the directions that come with this product to the letter and adjust to it accordingly.

To many people, this may seem like too much a hassle in order to get the sexy body that they long for. If that’s the case for you, consider the pros and cons of using a cream against a surgical procedure first. On one hand, the cream is safer. On the other hand, invasive surgery has a chance of becoming irreversibly botched up. On one hand, the cream is more inexpensive, and can be stopped at any time if it proves to be ineffective. On the other hand, breast implants will cost you hundreds or even thousands of irretrievable dollars.

With all this in mind, the Dermory ST Breast Cream gets a good 8.99 out of 10 stars considering its limited but verifiable effectiveness, its cost, and how it stands up against its true main competitor, cosmetic breast surgery. It works, but not dramatically so, and that’s the best you can ask for a topical agent. But, for a “breast enhancement product” we feel its effectiveness, price and ease of use warrant a close look.

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