Neck Exercises for Flexibility and Toning

For those of us getting a bit older, colder weather does a couple of things. One, anything on our bodies that is sore orNeck Exercise for Flexibility and Tone stiff seems to get worse…back pain, sore joints and muscles, and a stiff or sore neck.  The second is the increase in wrinkles.

Dry, cold weather dries-out tissue, increases the visibility of neck wrinkles and puts sagging skin under the microscope for all to see.

The biggest problem most of our customers have is the dual requirement of getting added flexibility and range of motion on of the neck and simultaneously reducing neck wrinkles, sagging tissue under the neck, and the dreaded double chin.

A daily regimen of stretching and a little bit of resistance exercise can strengthen neck muscles and add tone.  They are simple to do, can be done at your desk at work or home (though may look a little weird!?), and with consistent exercise for a month or so, can substantially improve your look and feel.

Here are some exercises that will improve your range of motion and reduce dry, wrinkling skin under the chin.  Read more…

Neck flexion and extension exercises can significantly strengthen and increase range of motion of neck muscles and veterbrate structure

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