Using a Pore Minimizer to Reduce Pore Size

Enlarged pores are a haven for trapping dirt, oil and bacteria that lead to infection, acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Visible, oversized pores can be distracting, catch makeup and skin products, can clog, and leave your complexion looking rough and rutty.

Smaller Size, Fewer Problems!

A pore minimizer is designed to do just what the name implies, minimize or

Pore Minimizer Cream for Enlarged Pores

Pore Minimizer Cream

reduce the size of enlarged pores to smooth the complexion and inhibit clogging and trapping of contaminants.

As we all know, the surface of the skin is comprised of connected cells. Among these cells are pore openings for glands and follicles (hairs). For most people pores are small and generally are not visible to the naked eye. Due to heredity, excess oil production by glands, or wear and tear from cosmetics, pores can enlarge or become infected with bacteria or fungus on a microscopic scale.

Pore minimizing products use a variety of ingredients such as aloe, emu oil, botanical extracts and alpha hydroxy crystals to open pores, clean contaminants, slough-off dead, trapping skin cells and to “de-contaminate” infection, bacteria and fungus. A pore minimizer targets improved tissue health, elimination of infection, and encoureages healthy tissue growth so openings develop in a tight, firm and normalized size.

Those products that use Alpha Hydroxy crystals are particularly beneficial.  The fine grain (almost powder-like) crystals provide light abrasion to effective unclog pores and alpha hydroxy itself is well known as an active ingredient for fighting inflammation and development of acne.

Emu oil and aloe are two other ingredients you need to consider. Aloe is an effective anti-bacterial and is effective for soothing inflammation (commonly used for burns and sunburn), and emu oil is a popular ingredient in both acne, rash and skin rejuvenation products. It is a natural anti-bacterial penetrating deep into tissue reducing inflammation, itching and accelerating the healing process of damaged skin cells.  It helps irrigate clogged pores and aids rapid reduction of size for follicle and gland pore openings.

Getting a Smooth, Even Complexion!

Typical results of a pore minimizer is reduced redness and irritation, a reduction of pore size in and around the affected area, and ultimately smoother, healthier skin and complexion. Smaller pore size reduces acne or acne-like symptoms and allows cosmetics and make-up to go on smoother. For this purpose, a cream for pores can improve tissue health, help eliminate blackheads and acne,   Cream bases that are rich in Aloe have been shown to improve the softness and tone of the complexion as well.