Spider Vein Cream Treatment

Spider veins can be found all over the body, not just only on legs. They have been known to appear on the nose, cheeks, buttocks and thighs, but are most commonly found on the legs. Even though they are not life threatening or painful they are embarrassing especially during the warm summer months when everyone is in shorts, you are wearing jeans to cover up the veins. A spider vein occurs when blood flow in a vein changes direction and ruptures through the wall of the vein causing a leak, which stresses the vein wall. This leak forms a dark colored mark under the skin refereed to as a spider vein or thread vein. There are dozens of ways to treat them ranging from exercise to major surgery which your insurance will not cover, but the most common is with a spider vein cream.

If you are treated for spider veins there is always a chance they will come back, so always keep that in mind. They can be caused by weak vein walls, trauma, standing for long periods of time, diet and genetics. One way to treat them for free is exercise, but not running. Walking, bicycling and swimming are the best things you can do to fight spider veins, anything more stressful than that might actually cause new ones to form.

Even though they are not painful raising your legs can help take some pressure off of your veins for a while, this helps ease the pressure in your legs. Also get massages in the affected area can help too, by opening up blood circulation. If you notice a new vein you can sometimes stop it by putting an ice pack on it for a few minutes, the cold helps constrict the vein sometimes stopping the bleed. Spider veins always boil down to blood flow if you have poor circulation then you will most likely have a spider vein or two, if not more. One reason women suffer from spider veins more than men is because of weight gain and extreme pressure due to pregnancy, this causes weak spots in the vein to rip letting blood leak out.

A cream is an easy non-invasive way to treat spider veins, and it is very cost effective. They way it does it is by using Vitamin K, which has been used since the 50’s by surgeons. Vitamin K absorbs into the skin and plugs the hole in the wall by clotting the blood once the hole is repaired the blood that has leaked out around it is absorbed by the body, causing the marks to fade. This is an easy, cheap and effective spider vein treatment, and best of all it works.