Can You Cure Spider Veins?

If we are to pick an answer, between yes and no, for this curative question, we will be forced to say ‘No’ – though this answer needs some explanation.

Spider veins are not completely curable, or, better said, the source or cause is not easily cured. Most dermatologist and physicians agree undue pressure on the walls and valves due to weight, damage from sun or free-radical exposure, and hormone changes are primary causes.

While your diet and an active lifestyle have been shown to lower the chances of vein problems, creams and treatments can heal and cure localized symptoms – either through laser treatment, spot saline injections or with vitamin k creams and formulas. Once individual capillaries are flushed of coagulated blood, repaired or cut-off from trapped blood flow, in a sense it has been “cured” – at least the visible symptoms.

The appearance of protruding or visible spider veins are a condition that appears just below the surface of the skin,and as the name suggests, this medical condition is generally a result of damage to the veins caused by pressure, poor valve health or malfunctioning valves in capillary “feeder” capillaries.

More often than not it is treated like a cosmetic concern, and as we well all know, cosmetic problems have a bigger tendency of recurring.

Claiming Complete Cure

There is a huge difference between claiming a complete cure and actually eliminating an ailment. Many of the treatment option with regards to spider veins claim that they can cure spider veins completely. This might just be a true claim, but the point is that, they don’t promise that damage won’t recur in the same area which has been cured or in different parts of the body.

As of now experts cannot promise the sufferers anything more than the fact that they can diffuse the redness or bluish color that accompanies spider veins and many a times, get rid of damage altogether. As aforementioned, this does not mean that patients will be completely rid of them.

Magic Cures

Let us be very clear in this respect. There are no magic cures for spider veins. Spider Veins cream are getting to be quite popular these days. They have been found to be effective in getting rid of spider veins because of the curative properties of Vitamin K.

However, even such creams should not be thought of as a magic cure as their efficacy is entirely dependent on the seriousness of the condition.

More importantly, such creams have to be used over a long period of time and that too regularly, for any hope of getting rid of broken capillaries or seeping blood.

Prevention is the Best Idea & Remedy

For whatever its worth, to prevent spider veins is a better idea then curing them. In the end if they do show up, one of the most effective ways of treating them is through minor surgical procedures.

One of the best ways to prevent the formation of spider veins is through regular exercise and putting prime importance on your diet. At the end of the day, the prevention bit is pretty simple, though difficult to follow. It’s your body’s overall health that counts. Everything else is secondary.