How Does Steam Affect Skin and Acne

There is a good reason why so many spa treatments include steam: steam has many benefits for the skin. In addition to promoting blood circulation to your face, giving you a healthy glow, a face steaming treatment is also great for cleansing your pores. This can help reduce acne outbreaks, particularly when used in conjunction with a good, anti-acne cleanser or toner for use after a facial treatment. A regular facial involving high humidity can help give you the healthy, glowing, blemish-free complexion you desire.Steaming Skin for Acne Control

Why Steam?

One reason why using steam for acne work so well on acne is because the intense moisture helps to soften the stratum corneum, which is the layer of dead skin cells on the exterior of the face. This allows them to be shed more freely. With the dull, dead cells gone, the new, fresh cells beneath are visible. Dead skin cells clog pores, and by steaming them and allowing them to be easily removed, they don’t have the opportunity to clog pores, which helps to eliminate acne. This also visibly improves the look of your complexion, helping to give you a rosy and fresh appearance.

Another reason why these facials are good for the complexion is because they open up the pores.  Dead cells combine with oils that are produced naturally in the dermis, and along with dirt, debris, and bacteria, clog pores. When a dirty oil plug forms in a pore, depending on the clog’s position in the pore, either a whitehead or a blackhead is produced. If the clog is attacked by the immune system, white blood cells swarm to the site of the clog, and swelling and inflammation occur, creating a pimple. If this is occurring in numerous pores, then you have an acne outbreak.


With a high humidity facial to open up the pores, you are better able to clean out the oil, skin cells, and dirt, along with the bacteria. With the use of a cleanser or toner designed to treat acne, you can deep clean the pores and kill the bacteria that contributes to acne. The opened pores allow the cleansers to penetrate more thoroughly, helping to soften and remove existing clogs and preventing new ones from forming. Regular opening up of your pores with a steam treatment can help you keep your pores clear, helping to prevent acne outbreaks.

In addition, the heat and moisture from the high humidity treatment will promote blood circulation to the face, which will give skin a healthy, warm glow. The increase blood flow also promotes the growth of new skin cells, which can replace dull, dead ones. Along with that benefit, the humidity will also increase perspiration production in the body. While perspiration is mostly water and salt, toxins within the body are also released in perspiration. A steam treatment will allow some of these toxins to exit the body, which is beneficial for the entire body, including the skin.