Stretch Marks on Arms From Working Out

One of the negative side effects of working out are stretch marks on your arms and chest. These marks occur when Stretch Marks on Armsyour muscles are expanding but your skin cannot keep up it’s elastic properties. This happen to most men that work out more than two times a week. Stretch marks on arms or on your chest are embarrassing but are totally treatable.

It’s one thing to burn fat and get trim, but it is another to have dark purple marks to deal with after you get in shape. The stretch marks usually occur around the chest and shoulder area. The stretch marks are caused when the collagen bonds in your skin cannot not be replicated fast enough to keep up with your bodies growth.

The marks are actually microscopic rips in the fabric of your skin, the rips allow the skin more skin to stretch ie stretch mark. It is not easy to prevent them because you are getting them through muscle gain. Vitamin B, E and C will help keep the skin healthy so will drinking plenty of water.

Chances are you will get stretch marks if you work out often so here is how you can help get rid of them once and for all. Make sure you eat a low fat diet with plenty of color. Your plate should have at least 6 different colors on it. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Meat is fine to eat, but for better results be sure to trim off all the extra fat.

Try to gain weight in intervals instead of beefing up all at once. This will allow your skin to slowly stretch and reduce the chance of stretch marks. Hydration is the key when it comes to stretch marks so find a stretch mark cream to apply on the stretch marks multiple times a day to help them go away.

The cream should contain Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid. These ingredients are what helps get rid of the broken collagen bond and allow your body to produce new ones which in time will fade the stretch marks completely. If you do have some stubborn ones always remember you can cover them up until they heal.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks While Pregnant

The most common side effect of pregnancy is stretch marks. There are very few women that get pregnant and do not get how to get rid of stretch marks while pregnantthem. Once the diameter of a women’s stomach reaches a certain point the elasticity in the skin can no longer hold and the skin starts to tear resulting in a stretch mark. So here is how to get rid of stretch marks while pregnant so listen up!

Stretch marks will fade over time but why wait, you can start working on them while you are pregnant or even before you get them. Since you want to be careful what kind of products you use while you are pregnant we suggest an organic one like pure emu oil.

Pure emu oil is 100% natural and hypoallergenic. It works great on even the most delicate skin. If you use it when you first get pregnant before you get stretch marks it can super hydrated your skin causing the collagen bonds to be stronger. Resulting in little or no marks at all.

If you start using it when you develop the stretch marks it will help moisturize your skin resulting in fewer marks and helping the ones that are there fade faster. Family history can play a role in stretch mark development people with weaker collagen bonds tend to get stretch marks much easier and are more predisposed to aging faster.

The older the stretch mark is the harder it can be to treat but it is not impossible. It will just take longer to help build up new collagen bonds. Stretch marks can be found anywhere on the body. They are most commonly found on the stomach, bust, butt thighs and arms.

Unhealthy skin can result in getting stretch marks much faster than healthy skin. Dry skin tend to develop stretch marks much faster than hydrated skin so be sure to moisturize your skin daily.

It is much easier to prevent stretch marks from occurring than it is getting rid of them. They can take years to fade fully. Weigh gain is expected during pregnancy so taking the right precautions can help immensely.

Diet plays a small role in it as well so drink lots of water to keep properly hydrated. Cocoa butter has show to help put skin into a healthy collagen building phase as well. Taking a good hair, skin & nail vitamin while doing all of this will help out as well.

A balanced healthy diet helps skin as well so eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will help you skin maintain a healthy glow.

Creams that contain ALA for Stretch Marks

The majority of women will get stretch marks a few times in there life. They are very common on the chest, ALA for Stretchmarksupper legs, hip and butt area. The two most often time women will get stretch marks is during there teenage years while growing or during pregnancy. Men are prone to them as well usually around the stomach, arms and chest. Today we are going to talk about creams that contain ALA for stretch marks and why it is so important and what it can do to rid you of those marks forever.

Stretch marks are where the skin cannot stretch anymore and rips slightly. When this happens the fibrous tissue is damaged. These bonds are held together by collagen which your body can produce but it does take time. Some people are more likely to get stretch marks then others due to there genetic makeup. If you have lower than normal collagen levels then you are seven times more likely to develop them over time. A stretch mark is basically a form of scar, it does not have any follicles in it, sweat glands or oil glands. It is essentially a barren plane of skin.

When a stretch mark is new it looks like a bluish mark the older it gets the more it will fade. They essentially reshape the surface of the skin in areas. One good thing is they can be treated. Massaging a cream in the affected area containing ALA then massaging emu oil on afterward will carry the ALA down into the stretch mark evening it out and smoothing over troubled areas.

A microdermabrasion cream can also help even out skin tone and speed up collagen products just like ALA. These particles in the cream wear down spots in the skin causing your body to jump in and produce collagen to heal itself. Keep in mind the older stretch marks will be more stubborn then newer ones. Tanning is a good way to cover up the mark, but fading it is the only way to truly get rid of it.

Cream treatments are very common for stretch marks and have been shown to produce great results. The contain such ingredients as helps by causing skin cell to shed faster causing the skin to product new cells at a quicker than average rate. AHA is also used because it absorbs into the skin cell it acts as a bridge between your body and the active ingredients of the product.

Hydroxyacetic Acid also causes the skin to shed. It is one of the main ingredients in a chemical peel. These products help fade the scaring and produce new collagen to fix the mark itself. The most important ingredient in a stretch mark cream in our opinion is alpha-lipoic acid or ALA. ALA is a natural antioxidant and helps speed up skin production on a cellular level.

It does this by accelerating the healing process in the skin.  It can also help make the mark smaller by reducing the inflammation in the scar itself. This is the equivalent of your skin getting resurfacing by a laser. It just takes a little longer. Once the marks start to fade keep using the cream until you cannot see them anymore. They should not come back once the disappear.